Why I Chose the Newspaper Theme for my BLEATIVITY WordPress Site

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My BLEATIVITY site currently uses the Newspaper Theme.  The BLEATIVITY frontpage  photo pictured leading into this post was based on the Influencer Demo settings.

What I like about Newspaper is that it is like buying many themes in one. Also, many of my sites have magazine style layouts, and, with Newspaper you can create a wide variety of post layouts, depending on what you want to emphasize in your posts and pages. Creating new sidebars is straightforward, and there are a plethora of widgets, so Newspaper was an easy choice for my BLEATIVITY site, which features creativity. Below, are some of the different post layouts.

At one time, I used the Newspaper Theme on most of my WordPress sites.

That changed, however, at Newspaper version 9.7. I had been using the Newspaper Theme for a long time, and had updated to previous versions with no problems, so, when version 9.7 came out, I didn’t hesitate to update my blerd.blog and perssonalstyle.blog sites to Newspaper 9.7. It was then that I noticed that their TD Composer conflicted with a single, or gallery image element in WPBakery Page Builder, even though I didn’t use the two composers on the same post or page.

WPBakery is my favorite page builder, and I used it on quite a few posts on both sites, especially my personalstyle.blog site. I did not want to have to change the pages, if possible, so I looked for other magazine style WordPress Themes that definitely did not conflict with the WPBakery Page Builder. For blerd.blog, I decided to go with the Jannah Theme, and on personalstyle.blog, I went with the JNews Theme, mainly because I thought each had a demo that would be a good fit for the respective sites. Those two themes deserve their own posts, so I will elaborate on them in future posts.

Because of my experience with those two sites, I decided not to upgrade BLEATIVITY, and stayed on whatever Newspaper version I was using. I still liked the Newspaper Theme, so I just started paying more attention to their changelogs. The conflict seemed to be resolved by version 9.8, so I upgraded to it, and had no obvious problems with my existing WPBakery posts.

I recently upgraded to Newspaper version X, and things are sill fine with the WPBakery and other post/page content. The last time I checked, however, there was still a problem with the Newspaper Cloud Footers, which are created with TD Composer. The footer did not render correctly under some of my posts, and I believe they were WPBakery posts. I’m not sure, because, rather than going with a more elaborate cloud footer, I just went with a simple one line footer. Their cloud headers could also render better, but those are problems I am going to be patient with.

I’ve found that tagDiv corrects their problems, and I’ve had good experiences using their support forums the few times I’ve had to use them, so I don’t see myself changing from the Newspaper Theme anytime soon. If anything changes, I will update this post!



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